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Property CRM

When it comes to growing and managing a portfolio of clients and listing, the ability to establish and maintain relationships plays a fundamental role in your business’ success. To achieve this, your business information needs to be up-to-date, organised and easy to manage.

We developed the Hometime Platform Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to act as a central database of all relevant information that your whole team has access to, anytime, anywhere - and on the go.

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Property and client information

Property and owner information organised centrally so your team can take action with context at any time from any device. Structured property information allows team members to provide detailed information to guests or maintenance people.

Manage your business risks by uploading homeowner contracts and insurance information and get reminders when policies expire. Input management fees to track commercial agreements with each owner and streamline your end of month statements.

Streamlined property onboarding

Setting up for success starts with onboarding. Use the predefined data fields to capture key information about the property and ensure seamless operation for years to come.

Use text, photos and videos to store detailed context about a property to empower your team to take action anytime from anywhere. A full property profile will help you leverage a remote workforce and reduce operating costs.

Simplified maintenance

Capture the make and model of every appliance and upload photos to help guests troubleshoot issues without having to visit the property. Provide the maintenance person with everything they need to complete the job.

Link detailed property information to the tasks feature and provide cleaners and maintenance staff with all the property information they need including access instructions and appliance information.

Beautiful guest guides

Provide your guests with a simple, unique website for their reservation that contains all the important information for them to have an enjoyable stay. Guest guides are a great way to capture email addresses and streamline direct bookings.

The guest guide is automatically populated from the property page and has been designed to reduce guest messages prior to check in. Guests are able to access the guide prior to arrival without having to download an app.


Our Property CRM frequently asked questions dive into how this feature can store essential information and streamline client communications.

Choosing the best Property CRM for Airbnb management business

When choosing the best Property CRM for your business, look for one that can integrate seamlessly across your entire workspace and link directly to your Airbnb listings.

Hometime Platform’s Property CRM solution all this and more. Make use of our key features that are easy to use for the whole team:

  • Automated digital guest guide
  • Direct integration with Airbnb so that you can import the essential property information directly from your listings
  • Accessible across your team, including cleaning staff and contractors
  • Changes that automatically reflect across the workspace, including your guest guides and tasks
  • Ability to attach files, such as images and documents for all of your amenities
  • A contact database with all client and contractor contact details

Getting started with Hometime’s Property CRM

Getting started with Hometime’s Property CRM solution is a simple 4-step process.

  1. 1
    Import your Airbnb listings to the Hometime Platform
  2. 2
    Watch as your properties are automatically created and most of your listing information imported
  3. 3
    Fill in additional information that is not imported from your Airbnb listing, including uploading any files for or instructions manuals for specific amenities
  4. 4
    Information from your CRM will now automatically flow to your automatic message templates, guest guides and tasks!

Supercharge your hosting business!

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Key features are free

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A robust property management system that’s intuitive and easy to use. Spend less time on admin and more time growing your business.


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