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Which qualities should STR property managers have?

Are you a short-term rental property manager looking to grow your portfolio? We share the important qualities new clients look for in a property manager.

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Published on 25 Nov 2021

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We've found the secret sauce when it comes to managing people and running a successful Airbnb business. Much of this comes down to a select group of skills every property manager should possess. Mastering these is the distinction that makes a difference to your relationships and ultimately, your STR (short-term rental) growth.

Here are 5 of the most sought-after qualities homeowners look for in an effective STR property manager.

Excellent at Communication

One of the most important qualities a property manager should possess is the ability to communicate well with people. While much of this involves being able to articulate your point both verbally and in written form; the other side is being a good listener. Knowing how to balance speaking while giving others the opportunity to voice their thoughts and be heard. This is critical not only for managing expectations but for building trust, and ensuring a great customer service experience.


Inevitably, things go wrong in the property management industry. The washing machine might break. A guest might have an accident. Navigating through uncertainty when the going gets tough is one of the best skills you can have in this industry. Not only does it show you are solutions-driven, but it also demonstrates a solid work ethic. If you don't like change, struggle to stay calm in stressful situations or are more of a thinker than do-er - the STR industry may not be for you.

Time Management Pro

Time flies when you’re a property manager — showing apartments, sorting through admin and working on your own marketing to get more listings on your books. Sometimes with so much to balance, the ball gets dropped. Showing up late to a viewing or leaving emails unanswered sets a bad standard, and will likely deter homeowners from working with you. Learning how to manage your time, like having a quick response time to suppliers and homeowners is a fundamental skill every property manager should possess, but it can often be difficult to achieve with all your other responsibilities. That's why property management software for short-term rentals like Hometime Platform exists, to help streamline your operations and act as a central database of all relevant information that your whole team has access to, anytime and anywhere.

Attention to Detail

The level of care that a property manager applies to a task is a very attractive skill to have. In an industry that is detail-oriented, being able to pay close attention to the specifics of problems or projects in a meticulous, and thorough way will make you very effective at your job. This doesn't just refer to administrative tasks such as keeping track of all the properties you manage, understanding the ins and outs of your financials or organising your workload — it also refers to how you navigate the nuances and needs of your guests.

Marketing Know-How

As a property manager, part of your job is selling your services to others. Whether this is to add to your own portfolio of listings or to generate more guests for homeowners, sales plays a huge role in your success. To achieve this, you need to have a basic understanding of marketing to get the good word out there. From writing professional property descriptions and attending networking events to promoting your services on the right marketing channels, the ability to entice people to view a listing is an invaluable skill to have - and the good news is, it's one that you can constantly develop.

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